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Downsizing 101: A Smarter Way to Move

Moving from your home of 20, 30, or 40 years can be a challenge, but with the right type of plan, timeline, and resources, it can become doable and a reality.  Elizabeth Hirsh, President of The Downsizers, will share 7 key tools for A S-M-A-R-T-E-R Way to Move.

In this interactive workshop, your prospective clients will learn:

  • WHAT obstacles might be holding them back
  • HOW to overcome those obstacles
  • WHICH items they should consider letting go of and others, they should NOT
  • WHO can help them get there
  • WHEN they know they are ready to make this transition

Most importantly, we will remove barriers and concerns about their move. Participants will have a renewed sense of excitement about the potential of a “downsized” life!

This can be a 45 minute or 1-hour workshop. 

Floor Planning 101: Will It Fit?

Have you wondered how it all will fit?  Most individuals can’t “see” themselves or belongings in a new home or with a different floor plan. This can be a major obstacle when they are considering a move.

From furniture placement to design to functionality, your prospects will walk away from this workshop with a completed floor plan of their preferred model.  Once they can “see” how their belongings are placed, they will feel more confident and excited about making their move.

In this small group, experiential workshop, participants say they really enjoy the creative brainstorming by the group and they are comforted knowing they are “not alone” when feeling anxious about their move.

This is a minimum of a 1-hour workshop. 

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